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making your business work

Starting-up or scaling up?

I offer direct support and mentoring to start-ups as well as established businesses, third sector and public organizations.

My specialisms are:

Implementing tools for resilience

Aligning values and purpose

Future proofing

Nature based models for leadership

Independent and ethical SME's

Governance and decision making

Applied systems thinking

Food and Beverage

Regeneration and urban renewal

Social enterprise and grass roots projects

Music and arts

Health and wellbeing

Cultural entrepreneurship

Enterprise for a new economy

Over the last decade I have been the proud co-founder of a broad range of businesses which, in their own small way, are trying to shift the cultural landscape in which they operate to become more caring, connected and prosperous. I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. Through co-creating Bristol's biggest and most celebrated co-working space, to co-founding a range of well loved food and drinks businesses; I have had the honour of seeing a diverse range of fresh ideas transform from conversations over a pint, into cultural institutions that support thousands of people and permanently enrich the wider cultural landscape.

Here are some of the projects that I am proud to have co-created….