the Launch pod - NEW SEASON - now open for applications

A crash course in launching your project into space. Following on from a brilliantly successful pilot booking is now open for a small cohort of budding adventurists who are all looking to launch their own project into the world. I will be guiding and facilitating a creative journey from the deep roots of inspiration though the long grass of self limitation and into the hot pot of making it happen. If you have been waiting to manifest something incredible…now’s your time!


facilitating  motivating horizon expanding ally mentor and mate

I want to help you realise your dream project

Do you have a business idea waiting to be birthed?

Are you wanting to align your purpose with your paycheck?

Do you need an experienced hand to help shine a light?


Lets have a chat

Tell me what you are hoping to realise and I'll see if I can help. Sometimes just a gentle nudge in the right direction is all you need.



Jamie Pike has rare levels of awesomeness. He knows food like no other and has seemingly boundless enthusiasm and confidence to conquer all things edible and enjoyable in life
— Marigold Palmer-Jones - teacher
He has a deep rooted fondness to help people achieve their goals and aspirations. This comes through his positive attitude to life alongside his intuitive ability to navigate the complexities of the human psyche. Whilst in his presence his enigmatic sparkle will no doubt make you feel at ease in a comfortable, safe environment for your journey of self growth
— Shankarij Raj - architecht